The 3 Best essential oils for menstrual cramps

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I’m pretty sure ladies will agree with me (at least most of them) when I say that painful menstruation can sometimes be a pain in the butt. Sometimes only the first few days, but sometimes the whole week.

Often we need to continue with our daily lives, because school and our boss don’t care that right now you’d prefer to stay in bed with a cup of hot chamomile tea or sleep through all the pain. I hear you girl!

Best essential oils for menstrual cramps
Best essential oils for menstrual cramps

And that’s why I have put together this article, in which I am going to write about the best essential oils for menstrual cramps. But first let’s talk about how to use them correctly.

How to use these best essential oils for menstrual cramps

Essential oils are highly concentrated, so I never recommend applying them undiluted on the skin. I have mentioned this in another article about essential oils, and I will probably repeat it quite often. Maybe you have already tried out a certain essential oil and you have never seen any skin reaction. However, this reaction can occur after several applications of this particular oil on the skin.

Therefore, it is always necessary to dilute any essential oils with a carrier oil before it comes into contact with the skin. You can mix 4-5 drops of individual essential oils listed below with a teaspoon of a chosen carrier oil, or you can combine them however you want. However, the total number of drops of all combined essential oils should always be not more than 5 drops per teaspoon of carrier oil.


You can also add these essential oils into a diffuser, as they also have soothing properties. They are able to suppress irritation and anxiety and balance your moods. They can simply help with the feelings that usually accompany menstruation. And now, what are the best essential oils for menstrual cramps that come in handy on those days when we feel physically exhausted? Let’s dive in.

Best essential oils for menstrual cramps

  • True Lavender (Lavandula angustifolia)
  • Cypress (Cupressus sempervirens)
  • Sage (Salvia sclarea)
  • German chamomile (Matricaria recutita)

Lavender oil for menstrual cramps

lavender oil for menstrual cramps
Lavender for menstrual cramps

Lavender essential oil benefits are many, and among them, it has analgesic properties thanks to which it is able to reduce pain associated with menstruation, such as lower abdominal pain or menstrual cramps.

Furthermore, when inhaling, its therapeutic properties will help you relieve stress, anxiety and nervous tension.

True lavender essential oil is a colourless or pale-yellow liquid with a sweet, floral, herbaceous, refreshing aroma and a pleasant balsamic-woody undertone.

Lavender tea will be useful for menstrual cramps as well ought to its chemical components.

Benefits of cypress essential oil

benefits of cypress essential oil
Cypress (Cupressus sempervirens)

One of the main benefits of cypress essential oil is promoting blood circulation.

Cypress essential oil uses are many and is known also because it regenerate veins and thus helps regulate strong menstruation.

It is advisable to use the cypress oil properties if you suffer from dysmenorrhea, menorrhea or have symptoms of menopause.

Cypress essential oil blends well with other essential oils for mentruation symtoms.

What does cypress oil smell like?

Cypress essential oil is a pale yellow to almost colourless liquid with a sweet balsamic, yet refreshing odour, reminiscent of pine needles and juniper berry oil.

The smell of cypress strengthens the nervous system and helps us regain our peace of mind.

Sage essential oil benefits

sage essential oil benefits
Sage essential oil uses

Sage essential oil has a beneficial effect on the female reproductive system. It is said to imitate the hormone oestrogen, thereby regulating the menstrual cycle. It is particularly beneficial for treating delayed, scanty or no menstruation with cramp, and for menopausal problems, such as sweating.
Here it is advisable to mix the sage with lavender and a carrier oil and massage the blend into the lower abdomen. The combination of sage and lavender can not only reduce nausea during menstruation, but also significantly reduce the time you suffer from menstrual pains.

Sage essential oil should have the ability to induce menstruation if it’s too weak or if it doesn’t show up at all. Sage can bring body and mind into balance by both strengthening and soothing the nervous system.

Sage essential oil is a pale yellow liquid with a fresh, strong, war-herbaceous and camphoraceous odour.

German chamomile (Matricaria recutita)

Best essential oils for menstrual cramps
German chamomile (Matricaria recutita)

German chamomile is another amazing plant that is good for inducing and balancing menstruation. It will also help with problems, such as dysmenorrhea and symptoms of premenstrual syndrome.

German chamomile essential oil can help when we are feeling irritated. It will also balance your mood and suppress stress and anxiety.

German chamomile is a deep inky-blue, viscous oil with an intensely sweet, herbaceous odour and a fresh fruity undertone. The pure, undiluted oil has an intense odour which some may find a bit overwhelming.

I have experience with cypress essential oil myself. I mixed it with coconut oil and massaged it into my lower abdomen. I can only recommend it. Within about 15 minutes, the greatest pains were gone and I was able to function normally without having to stay in bed half of the day and that’s why I consider this one, one of the best essential oils for menstrual cramps.

I hope you will find this article about the best essential oils for menstrual cramps helpful. Let me know in the comments below if you tried one of these essential oils and if it helped you.