Is sodium laureth sulfate bad for skin?

Sulfates in skin care.

Have you ever bought the “best natural deodorant for sensitive skin“, after which your armpits were on fire, all red and sore? Or have you find out that your best dandruff treatment shampoo makes your scalp produce even more dandruff after the first few uses?

I have been in this situation many times before – hesitating whether I should rather buy the most expensive face cream thinking that it definitely must help as it is so expensive or if I should buy a regular product for my daily skin care routine at home for a more reasonable price.

Can you picture yourself standing in the drugstore now? So you go with one of the expensive face creams worth the cash (or at least you think so). The marketing claims on the packaging read as follows “eye cream without silicone” or “contains moroccan organic argan oil“, but then, you arrive home and find out that it doesn’t contain silicones, but it does contain something better, sodium laureth sulfate. As we can see in the following article sodium laureth sulfate can be toxic for human (and this example is only one out of many). And that is only if you know there is an ingredients list on the packaging of every product. Plus this ingredient list is written in latin, so you also need to know how to read it to be able to detect ingredients that are better to be avoided.

Like this you may be even able to figure out or at least guess what has caused you the skin reactions to the specific product, why your skin is so sensitive to pretty much everything or why you can’t stop acne from forming.

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I myself have tried a long cosmetic products list of different cosmetic brands and each time with the hope it was going to work out and I was finally going to see some improvements on my current skin condition. I mean, on TV and in magazines, they promise the results. But in fact whichever best skin cream for face I bought for my daily skin care routine at home, my skin was still kind of fragile and thin to almost papery. Just unhappy at first glance.

And that was the point where I decided not to throw away my hard-earned money for products for skin care of equally poor quality. At the time, I was working as a waitress, and sometimes I had hard times at work spending long hours on my feet so I knew the value of my money and I knew I didn’t want to waste it on potentially harmful chemicals in beauty products, such as certain kinds of alcohol bad for skin.

After I learnt about this harmful chemicals in cosmetics I started looking for other options for my daily skin care routine at home until I came across the benefits of natural cosmetics.